When do classes start?

     You can refer to the Cypress College Class Schedule or on the Calendar tab above to see when classes begin.

How can I get into a class if it is already full?

     If a class is already full when you register, you have several options:

  1. Check to see if there is another offering of that same class. If another meeting time works for your schedule, you can register for that one instead.
  2. If you must have that particular class and offering time, you can see if there are still seats on the waitlist. On many occasions, students on the waitlist make it into the class.
  3. Try to petition the class. Petitioning the class means that you show up on the first day of class without registering or being on waitlist. This is not the best option, as there must be people missing from the class and the waitlist for you to be added to the class.
  4. Also, it can never hurt to contact the instructor ahead of time, it is always worth a shot!

If I can’t make it to the first class meeting, who do I call?

     As per the Schedule of Classes, if you miss the first class meeting, you will be removed from the class. However, if there is an emergency, you can email your instructor. We want you to stay in the class if at all possible so we will try to help you stay in the class. But keep in mind that it is at your instructor’s discretion whether or not to drop you.

Where do I find out more information about my class or my instructor?

     Information about your class and your instructor can be found on this website, under All Courses and Faculty & Staff. Additionally, you can look up more information in the Schedule of Classes or on Rate My Professor! You can also ask any of the Stockroom staff for details and projects in the class. They can help you decide which class fits your photography needs.

If I have taken a photography class at a different school, can I skip Photo 101?

     While we do not recommend skipping Photo 101, we understand that you may have been taught the basics already at another school. However, keep in mind that Photo 101 is the only Photography class that fulfills the Art General Education requirement and is transferrable to a 4 year university.

     If you really want to go straight to an advanced class, we suggest you speak to the instructor of that class to determine if your photography class covered everything you need to know to take the class.

     If you would like to test out of Photo 101 and get credit for the class, you must meet with the Department Chair, Clifford Lester.

Do I have to have my own equipment to take a photo class?

     No, you do not have to have your own equipment to take a photography class. The Photography Department has a wide variety of equipment for every class to use. After you receive a demonstration from your instructor on the proper use of the equipment and you have paid the $45 deposit, you are free to check out equipment from the department.

What equipment am I allowed to check out?

     You can check out any equipment that has been demonstrated BY AN INSTRUCTOR to you how to use for your particular class. Stockroom staff do not have the ability to sign off on a new equipment checkout.

     If you miss a class equipment demo or assignment explanation, you will have to meet with your instructor to get the information you missed. Stockroom staff cannot teach you or catch you up on information that you have not learned previously in class.

How do I check out equipment?

     You are not required to provide your own camera or equipment, as the Photo Department does offer any equipment necessary for your class. After your instructor has demonstrated how to use the equipment properly, all you need to do is pay a deposit.

     A $45 deposit can be paid (cash, credit, or cheque) in the Bursar’s office on the first floor of the Student Center, Line C. This deposit enables you to check out equipment for the rest of the semester. However, if you are ever late returning equipment, the late charge will be deducted from your deposit. If you deplete your deposit, you will have to pay the deposit again.

     After the deposit has been paid, you simply need to fill out an Equipment Checkout Form at the stockroom. Then you can keep that equipment for 48 hours.

Do I really have to pay the equipment fee?

     No, you only have to pay the equipment fee if you do not have your own equipment or if you intend to take borrowed equipment off campus. If you are using the equipment only in the studio or you have your own camera and lights, you do not need to pay the deposit.

How often can I check out a camera? And how long can I keep it for?

     You can check out a camera for every assignment you are given. You can keep it for 48 hours at a time. Please keep in mind that after you return a camera, you must wait 24 hours to check it out again. Weekend checkout begins Thursday at 9:30am when we open and will be due the following Monday at the same time as checkout.

What happens if I turn in equipment late?

     A $15 late fee is charged for each day your equipment is turned in late. The late charge will be deducted from your $45 deposit that you paid to the Bursar’s Office. If you deplete your deposit, you will have to pay the deposit again.

Do I have to have my own paper to print my images?

     Yes, you must provide your own paper. The Photography Department does not provide paper for your assignments. You must buy your own darkroom paper and printer paper (and film) for any of your assignments. The estimated cost will be covered on your first day of class (it varies per instructor).

     You can buy 25 page paper packs from the Cypress College Bookstore. You can also see the Stockroom staff for other places to buy paper in film if the Bookstore is ever out of stock (they know where all the deals are).

Is the lab open whenever I need to do homework?

     No, the lab is open most of the time but not all the time. We are generally open Monday-Thursday 9:30am-10:15pm and Friday 9:30am-5:00pm. However, if an instructor calls out sick or there is an emergency, we must close the department. We will try to give as much warning as we can. Any last minute changes will be posted to the Announcements above.

What kind of food can I bribe the stockroom staff with?

     Lots of yummy delicious treats! ;D

Any further questions?

     Feel free to call our Department Chair Clifford Lester at 714.484.7243 or the Stockroom at 714.484.7244 for answers to any Photography Department related questions or concerns. Thank you!