B.A. California State University, Fullerton
M.S. California Southern University, in progress 


Once upon a time, a dashing young man and his beautiful wife wanted a real princess for their daughter. So they got a catalog from England, and mail-ordered me.

The authenticity of my royal blood line has yet to be verified, but my honest and wholehearted approach to life is known by all. I’m a fiercely independent photographer and business owner and I’ve been rocking different layers of the industry since 2005. I’ve done everything from lugging gear and securing press passes to composing beautiful memories and helping women feel beautiful. I mostly shoot portraits and weddings but my heart swoons for documentary work and the corporate gigs pay nice bills.

I’m super positive. Adventurous. I have elevated levels of energy and I typically bite off more than I can chew (and somehow learn how to chew it later). When I’m not working my buns off for my clients or my businesses, you can probably find me dancing in my kitchen, spending time with my family or going on long walks with my eleven pound best friend, Chloe. Beyond its supportive role in my custom designed lifestyle, I love photography because it’s taught me to constantly change perspective, constantly solve problems and to find the good light in every situation. With my camera and without.