Photography 219 C

Editorial Photography

  • 3 Units -
  • 2 hour lecture,
  • 4 hour lab

COURSE CONTENT AND SCOPE (instructional topics or units)

  1. Refine camera techniques to apply in real-world situates of news, weather, sports and formal portrait coverage.
    1. Long lens compression
    2. Selective depth of field
    3. Stop motion and applied technical effects (Time lapse)
    4. Digital sensors as they relate to image area and color space
  2. Take advantage of social media and traditional media outlets to convey the new immediacy of digital publication.
  3. Learn the acceptable and not-acceptable digital practices as issued by professional photojournalism associations.
  4. Understand the legal implications and liabilities of editorial content, rights of privacy, the importance of copyright and the monetization of imagery in the digital age.
  5. Use and apply digital media for direct-to-client/publication transmission and publishing, while understanding the unique personalities and missions of media outlets.
  6. Collect, edit and write effective caption material appropriate for the assigning publication.
  7. Develop and apply interpersonal skills within the photographer-subject and photographer-client relationships.
  8. Photoshop essentials
    1. Image size
    2. Color balance or color correction
    3. Sharpening
    4. Compression and delivery
    5. Export to video and multimedia
  9. Storytelling fundamentals
    1. Shooting a narrative story line
    2. Edit for content-identify visual elements
    3. Present in nonlinear editing applications
    4. Export for web publication
  10. FTP and digital uploads on location
  11. Presentation software – sound slides, non linear editing software
  12. The editorial marketplace
    1. Self publish
    2. License to publications
    3. Rights and licenses
    4. Copyright