Photography 202 C

Contemporary Photography

  • 3 Units -
  • 2 hour lecture,
  • 4 hour lab

COURSE CONTENT AND SCOPE (instructional topics or units)

  1. Contemporary Photography: 1970 – present day
    1. Modern versus contemporary
    2. Photography versus other contemporary fine art
    3. Commercial versus fine art photography
    4. Traditional versus non-traditional
    5. Overview of changes from 1970 to present day
    6. Influence of 1960’s conceptualism on contemporary photography
  2. Primary Modes of Contemporary Photographic Exploration:
    1. Historical exploration of Contemporary Photography as broken down into 8 distinctive photographic styles or genres and the established photographers that made them significant:
      1. If This Is Art
        1. Performances and Happenings in Photographs
        2. Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Sophie Calle, Erwin Wurm
      2. Once Upon a Time
        1. Tableau Photography, Narrative
        2. Staged or Constructed to be photographed
        3. Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Wall,
      3. Deadpan Aesthetic
        1. Portraiture / Landscape / Architectural
        2. Medium or Large Format (120mm, 4×5 view- camera, or full frame digital camera, printing large)
        3. ‘Germanic’ school of the Becher’s from the Kunstakademie in DÜsseldolf
        4. Andres Gursky, Thomas Ruff
      4. Something and Nothing
        1. Objects and Spaces
        2. Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Wolfgang Tillman
      5. Intimate Life
        1. Snapshot Diaries of everyday life
        2. 35 mm film – color / black and white film, slide film, cell phone photography
        3. Nan Goldin, Larry Clark
      6. Moments in History
        1. Documentary Photography & Photojournalism style
        2. Robert Polidori
      7. Revived and Remade
        1. Referential, film stills, surveillance, advertising, and Appropriation
        2. Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince
      8. Physical and Material
        1. Meta-photography emphasizing the difference of analog vs. digital technology
        2. Includes the photograph in 3 dimensional sculpture & installation
        3. Addresses new technologies like the internet in photography
        4. Walead Beshty, James Welling, Anne Collier
  3. Historic exhibitions that have shaped photography:
    1. New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Made  Landscape
      1. Lewis Baltz, Robert Adams, Steven Shore
    2. Phantom Sightings: Art After the Chicano Movement / LACMA
      1. Christina Fernandez, Carlee Fernandez, Daniel Martinez
    3. WACK: Art and the Feminist Revolution / MOCA
      1. Susan Lacy, Marina Abramovic, Cindy Sherman
  4. Production of portfolios and books:
    1. Developing a body of work
    2. Developing a style
    3. Producing a portfolio
    4. Getting published
    5. Producing a book