Photography 050 C

Photography - Special Projects

  • 3 Units -
  • 2 hour lecture,
  • 4 hour lab

COURSE CONTENT AND SCOPE (instructional topics or units)

  1. Photographic project development, production and applications will be covered in both a group and individual context
    1. Research and present proposals
    2. Show examples of contemporary photographers doing similar types of work
  2. Semester projects will vary individually based upon the subject area chosen for concentration by each student and the instructor
    1. Break down components of project
    2. Set goals for completion of various segments of project
  3. Student goals and past work will be evaluated on an individual basis with the instructor to determine the scope and direction for the semester project
    1. Discuss portfolio of current student’s work
    2. Evaluate images as they relate to current trends in the industry as well as how they compare to the competition
  4. Commercial and Fine Art applications of the medium will be explored in the class
    1. Present students with possible alternatives relating to their career choices, in line with their interests
    2. Discuss consequences and challenges of each student’s choice
  5. Two in-progress group critiques will be held to assess student progress on the projects
    1. Solicit peer response on student work to-date
    2. Provide feedback on progress as well as evaluate strength of images which have been proposed
  6. Several small assignments will be given to broaden the students understanding of professional demands in the medium
    1. Have students interview photographers in field of their choice
    2. Have students meet with an art director or gallery director, to get the perspective of one who would hire photographers
  7. For the final critique the student will turn in a portfolio of the finished semester project and a final project statement
    1. Portfolio is to be 15 – 20 images, presented professionally
    2. Each image to be graded individually, as well as how it fits the overall content of the presentation
    3. Statement needs to be polished and present a clear view of steps to be taken with regard to presenting images to potential clients