Yom HaShoah

May 19, 2018By cjorgensen@cypresscollege.eduUncategorized

Professor Clifford Lester, head of the Photography department at Cypress College, along with Cypress College, hosted the 3rd Annual Yom HaShoah remembrance on Tuesday, April 17th. The evening was filled with powerful stories of survival, heroism, and hope. Lester, 62, has been a photography instructor at Cypress College for 18 years. This is his last … Read More

Big Department Changes

August 29, 2017By Cypresscollege AdminDepartment News

Good afternoon Photo Students! This semester is bringing some big changes to the Photo Department here at Cypress College. Our longtime faculty member Rob Johnson has officially retired and (mostly) moved out of his beloved office. While we are going to mourn the lack of his stentorian voice, his hearty chuckle and words of wisdom, … Read More

Photo History: Polaroid Patents

April 29, 2016By Cypresscollege AdminHistory

On this day in Photo History! On April 26, 1976, Polaroid Corporation filed a complaint charging Eastman Kodak Company for infringement on twelve Polaroid patents relating to instant cameras and film. Over the next five years, the two companies launched extensive discoveries on the issues of liability and patent infringement. The issue was not solved … Read More

Tartan Day & the First Color Photograph

April 21, 2016By Cypresscollege AdminHistory

In honor of Tartan Day, I want to talk about the first color photograph! The first color photograph was hypothesized by James Clerk Maxwell, a Scottish physicist, and was taken by Thomas Sutton, an English photographer who invented the Single Lens Reflex camera. Maxwell first proposed the idea in 1855, when he was researching color … Read More