Good afternoon Photo Students!

This semester is bringing some big changes to the Photo Department here at Cypress College.

Our longtime faculty member Rob Johnson has officially retired and (mostly) moved out of his beloved office. While we are going to mourn the lack of his stentorian voice, his hearty chuckle and words of wisdom, we are confident in his promises of visitation and lunch dates!

Also absent this semester will be our Department Chair, Clifford Lester. Cliff will stop by intermittently to keep a weather on the Department, but he is currently on sabbatical. This sabbatical will be spent focusing on his meaningful photography project documenting Holocaust survivors. You can still get in touch with Cliff regarding photographic and Department matters by email.

On the other hand, we are welcoming Julie Shafer to the Department! Julie is our newest hire in the Photography Department and will be our first female full time faculty member ever. Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her more artistic outlook. We are already enjoying her quick wit and distinctive style. Please join us in welcoming Julie to our Photo Family!

And the biggest change of all, the Photography Department has replaced the open lab format to a scheduled lab. What does this mean? In the simplest terms, this means that the lab is no longer open to come and work whenever you feel like it. Instead, you may work in the lab with your instructor during your scheduled lab time only. The Stockroom Staff and Student Mentors are still available for assistance in all things Photography related during these times. If you have any questions, please email Clifford Lester at

Well there we have it! Some big changes coming to our Photo world this semester. But we are still looking forward to a successful and creative atmosphere in our little corner of campus. We look forward to meeting or reconnecting with all of you.

Welcome to the Fall 2017 semester!